3 Tips to Choose the Right Dental Sealant Treatment for You

Dental Sealant Sacramento, CA

A dental sealant adds more protection to your tooth. The right dental sealant can provide you with the right level of shielding against tooth decay. Choosing the most suitable sealant based on your needs is the ideal way to go. If you want to find out some tips in choosing the right dental sealant treatment, here are three of them.

Looking at the oral and medical factors

A dental sealant is for people who have a high risk of developing cavities. Dentists consider the oral and medical factors that increase the patient’s risk of developing dental caries. For oral factors, diet, dental appliances, and personal oral hygiene practices are under the spotlight. Medical factors are about medical conditions that lead to cavities or other oral ailments.

During the consultation, dentists ask questions to see how high the patient’s risk is in developing dental caries. Patients who are still too young to maintain a consistent dental care routine need additional dental protection. Children and teens are usually the ideal receivers of sealants. Dentists usually recommend glass ionomer dental sealants for such young patients. These sealants repel water. Making teeth safe from moisture contamination.

If the patient has an orthodontic appliance, such as braces, dentists will use composite resin dental sealants. Composite resin is moldable. The dentist could shape it around the braces without worrying that it will break when the patient chews. For patients who love sweets, composite resin may also be the right dental sealant. A composite resin sealant has better retention than a glass ionomer dental sealant. It will stay intact even if the patient keeps chewing on sweet treats.

Patients with xerostomia or dry mouth are prone to developing cavities. Saliva buffers the acidic waste of bacteria in the mouth. Without saliva, the acidity level of the mouth increases. This makes cavities form and worsen. A composite resin dental sealant can protect the teeth better when the patient decides to chew sugar-free gum to stimulate saliva production.

Taking time to look at the behavioral factors

The dentist may notice signs of dry mouth. Several habits may cause this condition. Mouth breathing allows tooth decay-causing bacteria, streptococcus mutans, to enter the mouth. Drinking energy drinks and soda reduces saliva production.

Smoking decreases the amount of saliva in the mouth as well. Alcoholic beverages are diuretics. This type of beverage makes any person excrete water more. This leads to low saliva production.

Considering the environmental factors

Dentists also look at the environmental factors before deciding what dental sealant to use. If the patient’s supply of drinking water does not have fluoride, then the patient’s teeth lack protection. For this case, a glass ionomer dental sealant is ideal. These sealants release fluoride that can add to the protection of the teeth.

Selecting the right dental sealant can enhance your dental protection

Dentists ask probing questions during the consultation. This happens so that your dentist can determine which dental sealant can suit your needs. It is always possible for cavities to form at any age. Talking to your dentist about the right dental sealant can help improve your oral health.

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