Common Treatments that will Reconstruct Your Teeth

Have you been thinking about ways to reconstruct your teeth? Well, you are in the right place. Sometimes, when someone has several serious dental health complications, they might have to consider reconstructing their teeth.

No need to worry, a mouth reconstruction is a blend of several different dental treatments. They are done to address major dental complications and minor ones alike.  It is an ideal option for those suffering from tooth loss, tooth decay, gum disease and other severe oral health ailments. Below are the typical options usually recommended.

Treatments that reconstruct your teeth

1. Fillings

Minor cavities and tooth decay are commonly treated using dental fillings. It is one of the most common dental care treatments when it comes to reconstructing teeth. It is a staple in most dental care health facilities. And as far as dental healthcare restoration is concerned, this form of minor reconstruction happens to be relatively routine.

2. Onlays and inlays

When dental fillings cannot do the trick and cannot effectively rectify the damage to your tooth structure caused by injury or decay, then the next best thing is usually onlays and inlays. They have a few similarities to dental fillings; however, this treatment uses more composites and can be used to rebuild more substantial parts of a person's tooth.

3. Implants

For a permanent and comfortable solution for the reconstruction of teeth then it does not get better than dental implants. They give your teeth a strong foundation and keep the jaw strong and healthy. An implant either provides support to individual tooth replacements or they can help secure specialized dentures. Unlike dental bridges, no healthy teeth have to be sacrificed. Some dental implants can last one a whole lifetime.

4. Dentures

Here is a very common way to reconstruction your teeth for those who are missing all of their teeth in both or one of their jaws. Most people adapt very well to dentures. However, others might find them very uncomfortable and even insanely intolerable sometimes. This discomfort is primarily due to the differences in the shape and size of people's jaws. It depends on the individual.

5. Fixed bridge

This procedure involves connecting a series of replacement teeth. They cement it into place on the top side of the two teeth right next to the gap. Crowns are often attached to the anchor teeth to make them stronger.

6. Dental Crowns

Last but not least, dental crowns are used to save teeth that are have been damaged by decay.  They are like caps that are placed over teeth to protect them from the irritants in the mouth. These devices are often used in conjunction with other prosthetics like implants and bridges.

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