Commonly Asked Questions About Fastbraces for Teeth Straightening

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If you have never heard of Fastbraces®, now is a good time to learn more about this treatment. You will be especially interested if you have crooked teeth and need to repair your smile. There are different options at your disposal to straighten your teeth. As you learn more about this one, you will see its benefits and advantages. You can then speak to a cosmetic dentist and come prepared with questions about this teeth-straightening approach.

Why people straighten their teeth

It is not uncommon for people to have misaligned teeth and other cosmetic issues. Crooked teeth can hamper a person’s smile and be embarrassing. People with crooked teeth might want to avoid being around other people. There are also negative effects on the person’s health. Misaligned teeth can be difficult to brush and floss effectively. This can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

What are Fastbraces?

This type of braces is a cosmetic treatment to straighten crooked teeth and treat other dysfunctions. People with bite abnormalities, spaces in their mouth, and crowded teeth may also choose this method. Fastbraces are similar to traditional ones but use a triangle-shaped bracket on each tooth instead of a square one. The bracket is attached to the wires and works to move the crowns and roots of teeth together. This speeds up the teeth-straightening process.

Who is a good candidate for this treatment?

A wide age range can enjoy the benefits of Fastbraces. Preteens, teenagers, young adults, and middle-aged adults can find success by wearing these braces. People who want a faster treatment time should also consider this option. These braces also appeal to patients who have tried other methods but have not been pleased with the results.

How long will it take to straighten teeth?

These are called Fastbraces for a reason. Patients can get straighter teeth in much less time than they would with traditional ones. Traditional braces usually take between two and three years to correct misalignments and other problems. With Fastbraces, patients can get straighter teeth in as few as three months. Most treatments will not take more than one year.

Is the treatment painful?

It can take a few weeks for the patient to get used to wearing Fastbraces. After getting them on, the patient can experience some discomfort and irritation. The dentist will tighten the braces every few weeks. There might be some pain after these visits, but the feelings should subside. In most cases, there is less pain with these braces than with their traditional counterparts. If the pain does continue, or if the braces do not feel as though they fit correctly, the patient should report this to the dentist.

Get straighter teeth in less time

You should not have to continue living with crooked teeth. If you are not happy with the way you look, there is a solution. Fastbraces can effectively repair crooked teeth. Just as appealing, these braces can straighten your teeth faster than the traditional variety. Make an appointment with your dentist today so that you can discuss whether you are a good candidate.

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