How a Dental Filling Can Treat a Cavity

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Cavities are hard to prevent, which is why having a dental filling placed is such a common procedure performed by general dentists. Dental fillings are the first action taken by a dentist when discovering a mild to moderate-sized cavity. This is because it is the least invasive, which helps to keep the tooth intact for the future.  

Dental filling treatment for cavities

Below is a quick overview of how dental fillings work to treat cavities. Reviewing this information may be helpful to individuals who are suffering from tooth decay. 

Understanding what a cavity is

Before finding out how a dental filling works to provide treatment, it is first necessary to understand what exactly a cavity is. Cavities are the results of infections that leave small holes or openings in the teeth. The infection typically results from a lack of oral hygiene or excessive consumption of foods and/or beverages that contain high levels of sugar or acid. When either of these two things happens, the teeth experience bacterial growth, which leads to decay. The final result is a cavity, which requires attention, such as a dental filling. 

How a dental filling works

A dental filling works to literally fill the space that has been eaten away by the infection. The procedure involves the removal of the decayed portions of the tooth, using a dental drill. Afterward, the empty cavity in the tooth is cleaned out and disinfected to ensure that bacteria is removed. Lastly, the dental filling material of choice is inserted into the cavity space. The filling material essentially seals the tooth off, by ensuring that the cavity cannot grow or develop further. 

Life after a dental filling

Once a dental filling has been placed to treat cavities, the patient will still have to practice good oral hygiene and avoid consuming an excess amount of sugary or acidic-based foods and beverages. Although the dental filling does treat the existing cavity, there is a potential for more to develop in the future if the teeth are not properly cared for. 

The best way to avoid cavities and the need for a dental filling is to brush and floss twice a day or after every meal. Flossing is also extremely important as cavities can develop in between the teeth as a result of left behind food debris. Lastly, visiting a dentist at least every six months is key. Professional cleanings are a great way to avoid cavities as the dentist can identify any warning signs and address them early on. 

Find out more

When suffering from mild to moderate cavities, it is likely that a dental filling will be required. To get started, it is advised to consult with a general dentist. An evaluation will be done to determine the most appropriate course of action. Additionally, any questions or concerns about the treatment plan can be appropriately addressed. Reach out today to learn more about dental fillings or to get scheduled for an appointment with the dentist. 

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