What Is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

When you are dealing with the full mouth rehabilitation process, this usually means that the dentist and qualified specialists create a completely new mouth for you in a way. You will have a brighter smile, and your new teeth will appear and feel natural.

If you happen to need this procedure done, then you most likely have several missing teeth, a medical condition or have had cancer. Before you decide to do a full mouth rehabilitation, you need to make sure that you gain a couple of qualified opinions first.

If you recently went through cancer treatment and you have clearance to get a full mouth rehabilitation, then you will need to get a specific treatment, of course. This procedure is invasive and requires time to achieve the aesthetic look that you want to see at the end.

Numerous procedures at the dentist's disposal

There is not just one treatment that fixes all. In this case, there are many procedures involved. Some of the processes may include dental implants, crowns, veneers, dentures and inlays.

When you are missing teeth, or you cannot chew well, it can get more than bothersome and cause you to feel very insecure about the way you look and feel. When you can't eat the food that you yearn to, life can get pretty disheartening, which is why it is important to schedule an appointment to get a full mouth rehabilitation.

Having teeth and good oral health will allow you to live a longer life, so you can be here in life to make memories with your family and friends. If you want to change your oral health and your life, the specialist that you will need to contact is a prosthodontist.

Jaw Problems Are a Possibility

Keep in mind, that if you let your mouth go far too long without teeth (bone), then your jaw will start to become disfigured, which eventually causes pain and long-term suffering.

Not having teeth can become a health issue, especially since it affects the ability for you to eat all of the nutrients your body needs on an everyday basis. You can settle for supplements or pureed foods. Eventually, however, you may grow weary of this method.

A full mouth rehabilitation is not cheap, so the pricing can vary widely, depending on what type of procedures you need. The main take away point is that you need to care for your oral health and missing teeth as soon as you can, this way, you do not create more problems, which will turn out to be pricier than if you fixed the issue in the first place.

Smile Rehab Works

Gain the smile that you wish to attain and make sure that you talk to a specialist about full mouth rehabilitation. Love the way you look and eat the foods you want, as long as they are not too hard or sticky. Contact us now.

Are you considering full mouth rehabilitation in the Sacramento area? Get more information at https://www.sacramentosleepdentist.com.

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