Why an Implant Supported Bridge Is Better Than Traditional

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Gum disease, decay or trauma can lead to the need for an implant supported bridge because these problems can cause tooth loss. When missing teeth, it is best to look into replacement options, one of which may be an implant supported bridge. Getting a dental bridge might be the right treatment depending on the problem and needs of the patient. Ultimately, it is a good idea to learn more about the differences between a traditional and implant supported bridge. Keep reading to find out more.

Traditional dental bridges

Dental bridges have been used for many years to replace missing teeth. These are made from blocks of ceramic or other material. Bridges have a couple of dental crowns on them and there are false teeth on them, as well. The natural teeth on both sides need to be filed so the restoration can fit correctly.

However, there can be some cons associated with traditional bridges. These can be placed quickly, but these might last only about 15 years. Plus, the natural teeth need to be filed down in order to prepare them, which means the teeth might be more vulnerable to dental issues later on.

Getting an implant supported bridge

When it comes to the function, an implant supported bridge is about the same as the traditional one. However, they are attached to the implants in the jaw instead of the teeth. The implants can replace the roots of the natural teeth and oral surgery is needed to place them. Implant supported bridges come with more advantages than regular bridges.

For example, the restoration is attached to implants. This means the natural teeth do not need to be changed. This allows a patient to keep the remaining healthy teeth intact. Plus, the implants can stimulate the jawbone just like the regular teeth roots.

That preserves bone volume and density. The patient is not as likely to have bone atrophy, which happens when there is tooth loss. Plus, the implants can last for the patient’s lifetime if the implants receive the right care. Getting an implant supported bridge is one of the longest-lasting options there is.

What to consider with dental bridges

It is often recommended for patients to get dental bridges when one to three teeth in a row are missing. If more are missing, the dentist might recommend alternatives for good predictability. Plus, if there is only one missing tooth, getting one dental implant can be a good option. This is a long-lasting solution that is still conservative. During a patient’s consultation, the dentist can help to determine the right treatment. This will still be the one that makes the most financial sense for the patient’s personal situation.

Visit a dentist to get an implant supported bridge today

If you are missing teeth, it can affect oral function and health. It might also affect your self-esteem. Luckily, getting a bridge can restore your quality of life. Plus, it can restore overall function. Visiting a dentist today is the first step to take!

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