Reasons to Choose a Dental Bridge for Dental Restoration

Dental Bridge Sacramento, CA

Getting a dental bridge can be a good way to replace teeth and restore your smile. Of course, there are other methods of accomplishing this that your dentist may consider. Each option has its benefits and challenges. As you understand more about how bridges work, and as you visit with your dentist, you will see when a bridge may make sense for you.

How a dental bridge works

Experiencing tooth loss can be difficult for a person’s physical and emotional health. It can be embarrassing to have a gap in the mouth, and it may be challenging to chew certain foods. Bridges close this gap and renew the function of the mouth. A bridge consists of a false tooth in the space called a pontic as well as crowns over the teeth on either side. A metal framework holds the bridge together.

The pontic is usually made of porcelain, ceramic, or composite resin. It is natural-looking and has a bite force similar to a real tooth. The bridge can last up to 10 years if the patient takes good care of it. Getting one requires a few visits to the dentist’s office.

Bridges are good tooth-replacing methods

Aside from being embarrassing, tooth loss can cause other issues. When one tooth is missing, other teeth in the mouth can drift and become loose. Over time, these teeth could fall out. Bone loss can also occur, which will then change the shape of the person’s mouth. This can cause sagging and even affect the person’s speech. A dental bridge fills in this space and helps to prevent these problems from happening.

Bridges are aesthetically pleasing

From a cosmetic standpoint, a dental bridge looks much like a real tooth. It does not stand out in the mouth or look awkward. Both the pontic and the crowns appear and function like actual teeth, making for a natural smile. If the patient continues to brush and floss effectively and consistently, the bridge will continue to look nice to do its job well.

Getting a bridge is a shorter process than other treatments

When a patient gets a dental bridge, there will be a few visits to the dentist’s office. The process does take some time but will not be as extensive as other options. For example, the dentist will not have to perform invasive surgery with a bridge as with some treatments. Within a few weeks, the patient can go from having a gap in their mouth to once again enjoying a full smile.

The first visit will be a consultation and some preparatory work. The dentist must take X-rays and make impressions of the mouth. A technician uses these images and models to make the pontic and crowns. The dentist will also reshape the teeth so that the crowns will fit. Once the pontic and crowns are ready, the dentist will place the bridge in the mouth.

Your new smile awaits with a bridge

You do not need to be nervous about getting a dental bridge. This device can effectively close that annoying space in your mouth. You can then enjoy good oral health and a beautiful smile. Make an appointment today to begin your treatment.

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