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Family Dentist:   Important Tips For Kids&#    ; Oral Hygiene

Family Dentist: 4 Important Tips For Kids' Oral Hygiene

You are about to take your kids to the family dentist, and you want them to make a great first impression. That means they need to have healthy teeth and gums. Even if they are off to a late start, you can get them back on track by following these oral hygiene tips.Children should brush…

What Is The Difference Between TMJ And Bruxism?

What Is The Difference Between TMJ And Bruxism?

Patients often confuse TMJ and bruxism, or teeth grinding, with each other. Both are distinct conditions that may actually be related, and both are the cause of discomfort and potentially serious oral health complications.Bruxism is sometimes simply referred to as teeth grinding and typically happens during sleep, but it may occur at any time. Symptoms…