What Oral Problems Can a Dental Inlay Solve?

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A dental inlay is not as familiar to many people as a filling. Still, this restoration method could be the most effective way to relieve tooth pain and restore your smile. Inlays have many benefits and advantages. You will not see some of these with fillings or other options. It is helpful to understand how inlays work and why they can be a viable choice for you and your cosmetic and oral health needs. Knowing about these functions will also help you feel comfortable about your restoration choice.

An explanation of a dental inlay

An inlay is a pre-molded piece of material that a general dentist places on a tooth to protect it or restore its function and appearance. It fits into the grooves of the affected tooth but does not extend over the cusps. When the biting surface is not affected, an inlay is a good treatment choice. Inlays can be made of composite resin or ceramic. Inlays are more durable and long-lasting than fillings or crowns. Also, to place an inlay on a tooth, the dentist will not need to shave away any of the tooth or reshape it.

Fixing cavities

A dental filling might be the right treatment to repair a cavity. However, if the patient has a large cavity, a filling may not support it. In this case, a dental inlay is a good choice. After examining the patient’s cavity, the dentist will provide X-rays to a technician, who will make the inlay the exact size and shape of the cavity. The dentist then places it on the tooth after cleaning out the decay. The inlay will protect the tooth from further cavities.

Fixing chips

A chipped tooth may not seem like a significant issue. However, it can affect a smile, especially when it occurs on a front tooth. Chipped teeth can cause pain and discomfort too. Plus, the chip can become larger, eventually affecting more and more of the tooth.

A dental inlay can build up this lost area, much like a filling. The inlay can restore the proper size and shape of the tooth. The material will be a similar color shade as the natural tooth. This helps the person regain a natural-looking smile.

Fixing cracks and fractures

More significantly, a dental inlay is a good way to solve problems with cracked or broken teeth. Damage like this can be embarrassing and affect a person’s self-esteem. It can also be painful and invite tooth decay or infections. Inlays can address these concerns by restoring the tooth and making it whole again. The inlay will improve the bite force of the tooth. It should also last for up to 20 years or more.

Choose inlays for your dental restoration needs

There was a time when fillings and crowns were the main choices to repair decayed or damaged teeth. Now, you have another option at your disposal. A dental inlay makes a lot of sense for people who have a chipped or cracked tooth. It is also a good treatment for large cavities. Talk to your dentist today about taking advantage of this method.

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