3 Things to Know About Fastbraces®

Fastbraces Sacramento, CA

Fastbraces® is quickly becoming a popular tooth straightening option. The process is quick and effective, allowing patients with a misaligned bite or crooked teeth to restore the appearance of their smile. If you are considering Fastbraces, this article covers three important things that you need to know about the procedure.

Important points about Fastbraces

Traditional braces straighten the teeth in two stages. However effective the procedure is, this approach does take several months to restore teeth alignment. The first stage is to shift the tooth crowns into alignment, followed by repositioning the tooth roots. This can be a slow process.

Fastbraces have a special design. It uses triangular brackets and a square wire to move the tooth roots and crowns simultaneously. Therefore, Fastbraces can achieve desired results in less time. In fact, many patients can have aligned teeth in as little as three months. For others, it might take about a year to complete the process. The following are vital points about Fastbraces.

The process is painless and convenient

Due to the design of Fastbraces, which significantly reduces frictional forces, patients often experience less discomfort than other teeth-straightening solutions. With less friction comes less pain. The braces are designed to be lighter and have higher flexibility compared to regular braces.

The force induced on the teeth’s crowns and roots is gentle and concurrent. There is also no need to go for wire replacement, meaning fewer dental appointments.

Retainers are needed, but not for long

Patients often want to know if they will need to wear retainers after completing a Fastbraces teeth-straightening treatment. After the crowns and roots are aligned, patients will need to wear their retainer for about 20 minutes per day. Some people may choose to wear the retainer overnight. However, unlike those of traditional braces, Fastbraces retainers do not need to be worn for several hours a day for months.

Fastbraces look aesthetically pleasing on the teeth

Patients are often worried about the appearance of metal braces on their teeth. Fastbraces wires and brackets are produced in tooth-colored, ceramic shades to make them discreet and more appealing. The translucent ceramic brackets are hardly noticeable by others. This makes Fastbraces an excellent option for adults who want to straighten their teeth without feeling embarrassed.

Visit the dentist for Fastbraces

If you are looking to transform your smile, you should meet with the dentist to discuss your options. The dentist will want to check if you are eligible for Fastbraces. This may require conducting a complete examination of the oral cavity. The dentist may perform X-rays and take impressions to create a personalized treatment plan.

Generally, Fastbraces can correct most of the issues that regular braces correct, including gaps between teeth, crookedness, and malocclusion. This option has existed for more than two decades and has been used by teenagers and adults successfully. Book a consultation appointment with the dentist to get started.

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