How do Fastbraces Work for Teeth Straightening?

Fastbraces Sacramento, CA

Fastbraces® is a teeth straightening treatment with a faster treatment timeline and remarkable result. Not everyone is born with perfectly aligned teeth, and the orthodontic treatment options currently available require wearing either metal braces or aligners for several months. The thought of long treatment durations, as well as inconvenience of tightening and adjustments, has discouraged many people from seeking treatment. This article talks about how Fastbraces® work and what to expect.

An overview of Fastbraces

The use of Fastbraces® for teeth straightening works with two aspects. First, there are the orthodontic devices that are attached to the teeth. These look and function almost like the set of conventional metal or ceramic braces. The device includes a set of brackets that are bonded individually to the front side of each tooth with a powerful dental adhesive.

The braces have a design somewhat different from regular braces to ensure higher effectiveness with the superior adjustment technique used in Fastbraces®. The unique brackets are then held together with a wire that runs through them to the top teeth and a second wire that runs through the bracket on the lower teeth. The dentist will make incremental adjustments to the device to keep the pressure on the teeth and shift them gradually over time.

The second aspect of Fastbraces uses a sequence of treatments. These include the application of advanced subsonic wave and phototherapy techniques that contribute to the acceleration of teeth movement to the desired position. These procedures are crucial to getting results within a much shorter timeline compared to regular teeth straightening treatments since they ensure the force induced by the device moves the teeth to new positions with reduced effort and in less time.

How Fastbraces work

Fastbraces® offer a unique approach to teeth straightening by lowering the required time to obtain desired results when compared to traditional options. The force that is applied to either the upper or lower arch pushes quicker results while ensuring efficiency. 

The subsonic and phototherapy sessions contribute to the stimulation of the body cells called osteoclasts and osteoblasts that help in removing and building the bone. Through the stimulation of these cells’ activities, there is a rapid and effective change in the bone around the dental arches, thus shortening the time needed to achieve complete teeth alignment.

Sometimes, Fastbraces can straighten the teeth in half the time required for traditional braces to get the same outcome. The noticeable time difference explains the popularity of Fastbraces, and why people who opt for this option obtain satisfaction from the results of undergoing treatment.

In conclusion

If you have misaligned teeth and think you might benefit from getting Fastbraces, the first step to take is to book an appointment with the dental professional for a consultation. The dentist will discuss your teeth straightening goals and explain what the treatment involves while answering any question you have. Contrary to what you might have read, patients of all ages can undergo teeth straightening treatment successfully.

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