Denture Adjustment to Increase Longevity

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A denture adjustment is a crucial process that must be done to increase the longevity of your dentures. Dentures act as a good alternative for natural teeth. Yet, they are not permanent solutions. Dentures can wear down over time and stain more than natural teeth.

The tissues in your mouth also change, prompting the dentures to an improper fit. If dentures do not fit, various dental problems may occur. These include painful mouth sores, cuts, and speech difficulties. Consult with your dentist and have your dentures checked to avoid these problems.

Tips to increase denture longevity

Dentures have an average life span of 7-10 years, depending on the wearer’s care and maintenance. After that period, the patient will need a denture adjustment or replacement. People who want their dentures to last must also commit to repairing them. Below are a few tips to make dentures last for as long as possible.

Brush the dentures

Denture wearers should brush the dentures twice a day to avoid food and plaque buildup. First, use a soft toothbrush rather than an electric toothbrush. This will prevent the bristles from damaging the dentures. Toothpaste is not a good idea as it can scratch dentures. Then, using fluoride toothpaste, clean other parts of the mouth covered by the dentures. Patients should avoid using denture cleansers inside the mouth not to irritate soft oral tissues.

Soak them every night

Soaking the dentures overnight is vital to prevent infection and bacteria from forming. Because dentures contain surface pores, a quick brushing will not suffice to keep them clean. Bacteria can settle in those tiny pores. Improper disinfection will allow them to thrive. Patients should use an overnight soaking solution to penetrate the tiny pockmarks and remove bacteria.

Cleaning dentures thoroughly has many benefits. Here are the different reasons for keeping the dentures clean: Bacterial population increases in the mouth as a person ages. Cleaning dentures regularly keeps bacteria in check.

The increasing number of bacteria increases the patient’s risk of developing gum disease. The production of saliva also decreases because of some ailments and medications. This impairs the body’s ability to buffer bacterial acids. Dentures tend to carry bacteria that can contribute to the already increasing bacterial population in an aging mouth.

Dentures are porous. The pores in the acrylic material make ideal hiding places for bacteria. Bacterial colonies tend to thrive in these pores. Keeping the dentures clean removes a significant amount of these disease-causing organisms. This can prevent the worsening or onset of gum disease.

Soaking dentures in a cleaning solution allows a thorough removal of the residing bacteria. This sanitizes the dentures before use the next day. Keeping the dentures in solution overnight also allows the gums to rest. The gums support the dentures all day. Soaking the restorations in this cleaning solution can help the gum tissue to recover.

Clean dentures help keep a person’s breath fresh at all times. Brushing the dentures at least two times a day can remove any particulates left on the surfaces and in the corners of the dentures. Using an antibacterial mouthwash can also help rinse away any bacteria and food particles left. This thorough cleaning can make the smell of foods like garlic undetectable in the mouth.

Consult with a dentist regularly for a denture adjustment

While dentures tend to last 7-10 years, it is still a good idea to visit a dentist regularly to maintain good dental health. Denture wearers should set an appointment with a dentist twice a year or when the dentist recommends. There are various reasons why it is beneficial to visit a general dentist. A regular checkup allows the dentist to see potential gum diseases and oral cancer before they aggravate over time. It also enables dentists to make an immediate denture adjustment before it causes further problems. As a result, the dentures will last longer and serve their purpose.

Follow what your dentist recommends for better oral health

You may think of not visiting your dentist when your dentures fit and do not feel uncomfortable. But, there may be underlying dental health problems that you are unaware of. For instance, you may have a gum infection that can cause inflammation and you will not even know it. Have your dentist check your dentures and make any necessary denture adjustments. This will ensure that your dentures are well maintained. You will also know that the rest of your teeth and mouth are healthy.

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