Denture Repair or Denture Replacement?

Denture Repair Sacramento, CA

Are you wondering whether you need denture repair to fix your dentures? It is also possible that the dentist will have to replace them instead. It will depend on the condition of your appliance and how significant any damage or wear might be. Your dentist will evaluate the condition and determine which approach makes the most sense. There are also some things you can do to increase the life span of your dentures. You can then enjoy the full use of your mouth for years to come.

A description of dentures and their purpose

Living without teeth can be embarrassing and detrimental to one’s health. Gaps in the mouth can invite infection and make it difficult to eat a well-balanced diet. Dentures restore smiles and the full function of the mouth. The appliance consists of a gum-colored base and artificial teeth.

The teeth are made of ceramic, porcelain, or sometimes metal covered in plastic. Dentures fit over the gums with the help of adhesive. Otherwise, some types are permanent and attach to implants. There are both full and partial forms of this apparatus.

For broken teeth

It is possible to break, chip, or knock out one of the artificial teeth. Biting into a hard food or object or into something chewy can dislodge or pull a tooth out. If this happens, the dentist may be able to do denture repair instead of replacing the entire appliance. The dentist might be able to save the tooth and reinsert it into the base. Otherwise, the dentist can put a new artificial tooth in its place.

For a cracked base

Denture repair will often not work well for fixing a damaged base. If it has cracked due to dropping or stepping on it, the dentist will likely have to replace it. The patient should never try to repair a cracked base. There are home remedies and store-bought products available. Still, visiting the dentist is always the right decision.

For discomfort or poor fitting

In most cases, the patient should get used to the dentures within a few weeks. But sometimes, the person can experience some pain and discomfort. There may be uneven pressure, or the appliance may be rubbing against the gums. The dentist may be able to do denture repair and make adjustments. But if this does not solve the problem, a new set of dentures may be necessary.

Bad breath

One of the challenges of wearing dentures is that they can cause bad breath. Rinsing them regularly and soaking them in a solution overnight can solve this. If bad breath still persists, denture repair can fix tiny holes or cracks. If the damage is more severe, replacing the appliance can help.

Ask about denture repair today

For your pocketbook, repairing dentures is preferable to replacing them. There are situations, though, when the dentist must get you a new set. The dentist will evaluate which option makes the most sense and what will work well for you. If you have damaged your dentures, or if they do not fit well, call your dentist today.

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