When to See a Dentist for Denture Repair

Denture Repair Sacramento, CA

Denture repair involves restoring broken dentures to like-new condition. Before the restoration, general dentists examine the dentures to check for various damage. Next, the dentist provides the lab technician with detailed instructions to ensure appropriate repairs occur. Following the exam, a patient's dentures undergo repair at a dental laboratory.

The importance of repairing dentures

Patients should never ignore their dentures if they suspect any damage or misalignment. Unrepaired dentures can lead to many issues. It is in the patient's interest to have a professional repair the prosthetics.

Common denture problems

There are various ways dentures become damaged, some of which a patient may have no control over. For example, dentures may become misaligned because the jawbone never stops growing. In some cases, patients may not recognize the importance of proper removal and insertion of dentures and accidentally break the supports as a consequence. While these prosthetics may be durable, they can still break. For example, dentures sometimes break after a fall during cleaning.

Complications from broken dentures

Wearing damaged dentures or prosthetics improperly aligned to a patient's mouth can lead to various complications, including irritated gums and mouth sores. When patients continue to wear damaged dentures, they are more likely to develop an infection.

If individuals have poorly fitting dentures, they may hold their jaw in unnatural positions. This position, in turn, can lead to jaw aches and later develop into headaches. Unfortunately, many patients may find it difficult to eat correctly when dealing with headaches and sores. They may abstain from nutritious foods or risk gum disease because food debris gets trapped between the gums and dentures.

Reasons to have professionals repair dentures

Denture repair is not simple. Patients should never try to repair dentures on their own. DIY fixes are likely to permanently damage the dentures further. Ordinary household glue, for instance, cannot withstand a person's chewing force. When dentures break for a second time, the break tends to be worse than the first one. Individuals should not try superglue, either. While superglue has a stronger force, its toxic chemicals may damage the gums and the prosthetics.

When individuals take their dentures to the general dentist for repairs, the repairs generally do not take much time. Some repairs may occur while the patient waits in the office. Others, however, may take a little longer. The goal of a qualified professional is to ensure the false teeth look and feel suitable for the patient again. A dentist can diagnose the problem and explain the fixes necessary.

A patient's dentures should never feel uncomfortable or painful. At the first sign of damage, patients should bring the dentures in for repairs.


Those who wear dentures rely on the prosthetics to help them chew, speak, and restore their smile. When damage occurs, it can harm a person's bite, cause painful blisters and lead to further damage. Denture repair includes any procedure in which a professional performs fixes on a pair of prosthetics to ensure they fit in the patient's mouth, function, and do not cause any pain.

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